If you want to bring together two different groups of clients to the same place in order to exchange goods or services, our marketplace solution is an excellent way to do it. You don’t have to waste a lot of time and energy developing a new IT solution for your multi-sided business; instead, you set up your business and Go Live.

Through a set of functionalities (social networks, payments, clearing, settlement and management facilities, etc.) our IT platform enables your customers to register, discover and interact in your web site, and enables you to manage for increasing interactions and facing the platform leakage problem.

Microservices, Big Data, Cloud Computing and Reactive Systems are mainstream approaches chosen by our skilled engineers to offers you a cost efficient platform that grows as your business grows.


Consulting Services

Our consulting services portfolio contains several offerings grouped in three incremental levels of realization that will help your organization to be successful in the milestones of your projects, programs or enterprise initiatives:


The KSMTI proposal includes approaches that enable your organization to solve the traditional concerns about the solutions with the reactive systems principles:



Offerings for Architecture

To reach an appropriated return on investment, KSMTI works with you employing the adequate architectural approach that suits your needs and produces, documents and spreads your solution definition at conceptual level. Here are some mainstream approaches that we use:

SOA Solutions

Establishing solutions getting the alignment between business and technology areas while obtaining the additional benefits of the service orientation principles.

ESB/EAI Solutions

Improve the business synergy by integrating processes, services, components, application packages, legacy systems and data in order to produce interoperable and robust solutions.

Custom Solutions

Solve your singular business needs using high quality enterprise applications that fulfill your requisites, focusing in the capabilities of multi-layer and multi-tier structures.

Reactive Solutions

Satisfy your domain driven requirements or work distribution needs by adopting reactive systems that provide responsiveness, elasticity, resilience and message driven features in response for the nowadays' demands.

Offerings for Design

To maintain high levels of flexibility and reutilization we use modeling techniques that produce integral parts of the target solution at logical level, avoiding redundancies and preserving loose coupling and high cohesion. The modeling techniques that we use are:

Services Modeling

Perform the detailed design of the services included in your portfolio by creating the service and components specifications with their compositions, dependencies, policies and additional characteristics.

Components Modeling

Specify the associated details to the components by determining their interfaces, operations, information model, dependencies and business rules in iterative way over each one of their parts.

Data Modeling

Produce independent models that reflects the key interactions and interdependencies, constraints, relationships and attributes of the reference and operational data entities

Actors Modeling

Precise the details of the actors for concurrent computation by determining their active behavior, encapsulated state, the information model immerse in the messages, the interactions, compositions, and the auxiliary actors.

Offerings for Implementation

To improve the productivity, standardization and efficacy of your building tasks minimizing the technical debt, we are advisors for the development teams providing guidelines and best practices for your solutions at physical level. The common entry points to coach the teams are:

Proof of Concept

Demonstrate the formal and replicable way to solve complex computation problems through implementation patterns and employing best practices.

Implementation Auditing

Analyze existing implementations and determine the incurred technical debt with the correspondent recommendations about how to solve that.

Reference Implementation

Provides archetypes that are the bridge between detailed design and construction with documented recipes and templates for implementation. It includes producing deployable and tested solution pieces built with the referenced elements.

Our Team

Willian Klinger Mosquera

Willian Klinger loves information technology and business management, He co-founded KSMTI supported on the insight that every person in the world was created to contribute to enhance our well-being. He is a passionate seeker of new socio-economic trends, tools & technologies than enable us to collaborate through a large scale and responsive collaborative platform.

Willian Klinger Mosquera
CEO & Cofounder

Willian has over 12 years of experience running operation & technology for some companies, including Hewlet Packard Colombia (Formerly EDS Colombia), Colombian Stock Market, Colombian Clearinghouse & CredibanCo (Formerly Credibanco-VISA).

Germán Salinas Medina

Integration and Applications architecture are my passion. I have built Enterprise Solutions using SOA, EAI and Custom Development in Financial, Telecommunications, Industrial and Government sectors based on Message Oriented Middleware, Enterprise Service Buses, Application Servers and Web Containers in multiple platforms and several programming languages.

Germán Salinas Medina
CTO & Cofounder

As a former IT Architect & Consultant at several companies including IBM and EDS/HP, with more than 14 years architecting, designing and implementing software over a wide range of technologies, I contribute to KSMTI with a proven ability in Building Real Solutions.

David Nader Palacio

High expectations for learning new technologies, research in computer science fields like data mining, data science, machine learning, optimization theory, business intelligence, software engineering, design and modeling system. As well as, he has interests in social aspects as democratization of education, educational commitment, human rights and diversity.

David Nader Palacio

Software Engineer

Master’s student of Computer Engineering and Informatics.
He has been working in several companies dealing with computer science aspects related to data mining, artificial intelligence, software architecture and development applied to critical systems.

Sandra Janeth Jaime

I like to define "technology" as a form of service for a better society , and so to give my knowledge and talent for responsible use of resources offered by the planet.

Sandra Janeth Jaime Silva
Software Engineer

IT Professional with consulting experience in several organizations. My job has been advising clients on how to use information technology, in favor of meet their business objectives effectively and efficiently, keeping and ensuring data security, integrity and the required system qualities.

Johan Mosquera Lozano
Head of Finance

Johan supports the KSMTI financial and accounting functions, budget projections, taxes, international operations and administrative tasks.

About Us

We are a group of tech-skilled persons that believe information technology can contribute to become the earth in a better place to live. We trust in everyone has something to make this planet better; that inspires us to build technological solutions that enable us to interact in a simple way, guided by a common purpose. That we are, a media to make interactions simpler.


To become in a world-class reference in providing information technology solutions to multi-sided business needs.


To make easier the technological implementation of solutions that attend multi-sided business challenges.



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